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Golf Guide

Course Rules

Boundaries and Out of BoundsĀ 

        • All fences bordering course property
        • Small trees on the left of No.1 and No.2
        • Small trees behind No.5 and No.7 greens
        • Stakes along left of No.8 and No.9
        • All water on course is casual except pond on No.4

Golf Etiquette

      • Invite faster players through
      • No carts are permitted within 30 yards of green
      • Rake sand traps after hitting out
      • Do not hit your ball until players ahead are out of your range, or have motioned you through
      • Tee off between markers
      • Each player must have their own bag and clubs
      • A free drop is allowed two clubs lengths back and away from young trees and shrubs


  • No street shoes are allowed on greens or tee boxes
  • All players must register and pay green fees




Before you can enjoy the exciting play at Indian Hills you will have to find it first, which is a lot easier than making par. The map above is more than helpful, but if that is confusing just follow these directions. Since most of you will come via Interstate, the first thing you do is turn off I-70 at exit 286. You will then turn South on Hwy 206 which takes you into town. After about 3 miles off I-70 you will take a right at 5th street and head west. This street will take you directly to Indian Hills Golf Course. We hope you enjoy your round and if you have time check out our city.