Police Department

Contact the City of Chapman Police Department

Police Chief: Kevin Diercks
Emergency: Call 911
Contact Phone: (785) 922-6463
Non-Emergency Dispatch: (785) 922-6211

The police department is currently looking for a full-time police officer. If interested please visit the “employment opportunities” tab above.

Interested in being a part-time police officer? Contact Chief Diercks at the phone number above. 

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2016 Standard Traffic Ordinance 979 (effective 08/18/2016)
Approved STO Ord. 979
Click HERE to view the Standard Traffic Ordinance in full

2016 Uniform Public Offense Code Ordinance 980 (effective 08/18/2016)
Approved UPOC Ord. 980
Click HERE to view the Uniform Public Offense Code Ordinance in full


Community Programs

Neighborhood Watch Program

Responsible citizens display a notification on their residence that they do watch for suspicious activity in their neighborhood and they do call the police.

House Check Program

A program available for those citizens who will be away from their residences on vacation or other short periods of time. Upon requesting the service of a local law enforcement officer will meet with the resident to obtain information, such as others who will be checking, pets in the home, emergency contact, and all other pertinent information. The officer will check the exterior of the residence and note any security problems. While the occupant is away, local law enforcement will check the security of the residence several times a day and log their findings. The emergency contact will immediately be notified of any problems. The occupant notifies the police upon their return home and an officer will respond to verify.