City Information

Public Housing Director (Butterfield Trail Housing):
Joni Phillips

New Resident Information:
New to Chapman? Stop by city hall to obtain a welcome brochure with provider information for Chapman and the surrounding areas!

Utility Services:
City of Chapman has Water, sewer, and electricity.  To start or stop service please contact city hall at 922-6582.
Utility meters are read around the 20th of each month and mailed to the customers on the 1st day of the month and
due by the 20th of that month. After hours city utility problems can be reported by calling the non-emergency dispatch number –  (785) 922-6211

Connect Fee Breakdown ($101.50):
Water $40
Electric $60
Tax $1.50

Utility Deposits:
Residential: $150
Commercial: $300

Required Permits:
Building permits-additions, decks, new buildings, fence permits, and other permits can be picked up, filled out and paid for at city hall.
Contractors License: $100/yr
Fence Permit: $20
Demolition Permit: $10
Building Permit: $10 first $1000, $1 for $1000 after that
*Please contact the building inspector for new utility service charges*

Pet Licenses:
Five animals are allowed per household. The city requires pet license fees: $2.00 for spayed and neutered pets, $5.00 for non-neutered and non-spayed.
Potbellied pig fee: $25/pig/year
The owner must provide proof of rabies vaccination certificate.  A dog leash is in effect in the city limits.  The registration year shall be from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

Sheeran Park Shelter House Rental
$100 deposit (check NOT cashed)
$8/hr (normal)
$4/hr (civic groups)
*Please contact city hall to reserve the location for your next event!*

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