City of Chapman

Utility Services

The City of Chapman provides water, sewer, and electric services to residents within city limits.  To start/stop utility services, please contact City Hall at (785) 922-6582.  

Please call the non-emergency dispatch number, (785) 922-6211, with any utility issues after normal business hours.

Contractor License and Building Permits

Building, remodel, and fence permits must be obtained BEFORE starting a project within the City of Chapman.  ALL contractors conducting business as a roofing contractor, mechanical contractor, or other professional trade within the City of Chapman must be licensed with the City. 

Annual license fee for roofing, mechanical, and other professional trades is $100.00.  

Annual license fee for tree trimmers is $10.00.

The fee for a building permit is $10.00 for the first $1,000 and $1.00 for each $1,000 thereafter (for example, the permit fee for a $5,000 project would be $14.00).   

Fence permits are $20.00.