City of Chapman

Legend of Indian Hill

Legend states that Indian Hill was a place where many tribes found common interest because of it’s high peak being able to see from all directions. It became a blood battle between two tribes, the Padoucas and the Cheyennes. During certain seasons of the year, immense herds of Buffalo could be located here for many miles. This particular season, there were no buffalos to be seen. A grand buffalo dance was to begin that night and continue until Great Manitou caused the buffalo to appear in the valley. During the dance is when a scout brought back word of a band of Cheyennes warriors preparing an attack. During the attack, neither tribe showed retreat. This is when the Cheyenne chief made his offer to the chief of the Padoucas. He wanted to marry Paloca’s beautiful daughter. After being denied, the Cheyennes pursued for forty-eight hours until a group of Padoucas were able to slip by and kill a number of sleeping buffaloes for meat. This outraged the Cheyenne chief and he continued his threats until Eola, Paloca’s daughter, denied him stating that she was betrothed and her tribe would stand by her until every brave was slain and her spirit taken up by the hot dry winds of the plains before she would become his bride…and that’s exactly what happened. Rain fell and washed away the traces of the battle. Buffalo returned for long seasons, streams filled with water and fish. According to legend, the Cheyennes fled and never came back to the valley of the Smoky or Indian Hill.

To read more about the Legend, please check out our local Chapman Public Library!