Plumber, Electrician, General Contractor, Roofer, Residential Carpentry, HVAC, Mechanical, Tree Trimmer

Renewal Form
Click here if you are unsure if you are required to be licensed

Requirements for a city license include a $100.00 fee payable to the City of Chapman, certificate of insurance in the city’s name within the limits of not less than $1,000,000.00, and applicant must carry a skilled trade license in which a score of 75% or higher was received or produce a copy of a license for another city.
These requirements must be met before a license can be issued.

If renewing please send the following: this form, check for $100.00 (or applicable fee) and current certificate of insurance.

All licenses expire on December 31st annually.

If you have any questions please call the Chapman City Office at 922-6582 or by fax-785-922-7000.  All applications and additional documents can be returned of mailed to The City of Chapman, PO Box 321, 446 N Marshall, Chapman, KS 67431 or emailed to 

All licenses must be displayed or produced upon demand by city staff or the customer.