Storm Shelters

The City of Chapman has multiple storm shelters throughout the city in case of emergencies.  The shelters are open to the public and are in different sections of town for ease of access.

Please contact City Hall at (785) 922-6582 if you have have any questions.


  • Middle School Gym – North Entrance – 622  N. Marshall
  • High School – West Entrance – 500 Block of Logan Avenue
  • Shamrock Shelter – 517 N. Marshall


  • Storm shelter managers will open each shelter upon notification of possible sever weather
  • Everyone is welcome in the shelters
  • Everyone will stay inside of the shelters until the police department gives the all clear
  • Stay away from doors
  • Smoking is not allowed in the shelters
  • Animals must be under the control of the owner at all times
  • Dogs will be on a leash and cats must be in a crate
  • Clean up after yourself and your pets