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At the council meeting held May 10, 2017 the council scheduled two upcoming work sessions:
Thursday, May 18th @ 7:00pm: Discussion of Wastewater Treatment Plan
Thursday, May 25th @ 5:30pm: Discussion of Capital Improvement Plan
Work sessions are open to all citizens.
ATTENTION PROPERTY OWNERS: The sidewalk project is underway on the south side of town. The contractor has advised us that the concrete must have four days to cure before it can withstand any foot or vehicle traffic. Cones are placed by the construction crew to protect the concrete during this cure time. Removal of the cones is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. If you have any concerns or cones are in place longer than four days please call city hall at 785-922-6582. City staff and/or the contractor can assist. Please do not allow foot or vehicle traffic prior to the completion of the four day cure. Damage to the sidewalks remains the responsibility of the landowner.
REMINDER: With elections changing to November the filing deadline for the 2017 November election is fastly approaching! The deadline is now Noon on Thursday, June 1, 2017. All filings must be completed and submitted to the County Clerk at the Dickinson County Courthouse by this time. Cities no longer accept and submit filings. The filing fee is $20.
Positions up for election are Tim Jury, Luan Sparks and Lee Wolf.

If you have any water pressure problems or water leaks, please call the city office at 785-922-6582.  If you notice the water leak after hours, please call Dickinson County Dispatch at 785-922-6211.

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